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Abdominal Colorectal Surgery

For patients that are about to undergo abdominal colorectal surgery, there is often an abundance of confusing information on the internet about which approach provides the best outcome. The three approaches are the traditional open approach using a large incision, laparoscopic using long instruments and a video camera, and robotic utilizing the DaVinci robotic system. Fortunately, Drs. Mayfield, Silinsky, and Zelhart are well-versed in all approaches. When discussing your surgery, they will discuss which approach fits your body and medical issue the best.

Patients with many past surgeries and complex medical problems may benefit from an open approach. Patients with pelvic issues may benefit from a robotic approach, while patients with abdominal problems may benefit from an abdominal approach. Whatever your medical condition is, it will be evaluated by your surgeon to come up with the best individual surgical treatment.


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