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Pain in the butt!

In the midst of the holiday season and Carnival, many of the rich food that we eat can alter our GI system and manifest itself as anal or rectal pain. While most of the pain is lumped under the title of “hemorrhoids” it can actually be from a variety of causes.

Fissures are tears in the anal skin that are exacerbated by constipation and an overactive sphincter muscle. Abscesses are pockets of infection that can lead to fistulas, or drainage tracts. And of course, there are hemorrhoids that can get clots, swell, bleed, and itch.

Fortunately, many of these can be treated with procedures in the office or medications that we can prescribe. For those problems that cannot be treated in the office, all of our surgeons are well-versed in anorectal surgeries. If you are experiencing pain, do not delay in contacting our office for an appointment as many of these issues get more complex with time.


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